Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Rant on recent temperament

Due to my personality, choices I have are only limited to those few paths that I am willing to take/'risk'.

Depression. This is exactly what syaitan wants from us. When you can't offer even the simplest thing like smiling to the face of your sisters, what more is there?

Lately I found myself relating to many posts like these (sorry, ni bukan tumuhat) ;

You must have the health, the overflowing energy to share with others.
To be able to give more for this dakwah.
And you know that fatigue effects your mood & concentration so badly.

Positive thoughts attract.
Sometimes, the simplest solution solve the most complicated problems.

Wish to experience more of the like of yesterday's iftar & mtg SAMPEL.
I want my presence to be solutions to problems, not another problem added.

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