Saturday, 20 July 2013

poem of self-assurance

[It's hard to figure out your own heart
but Allah knows inside out]


do you know what is big and what is hard
we do not know what to expect
except that we must keep on going
and life must continue
and things will pursue

do you know what is small and what is easy
that for Allah to provide
and for Allah to care
and for Him to arrange our affair

do you know what is simple and what is exaggerated
that you think beyond what you are
supposed to think 
or wish to 
all the things of the past
or that you try to 
change the future into
something it shouldn't be

so stick with me here
stay with me
and rest we assure
that we ain't changing
except for the better 
and that we are 
not going anywhere
except in this path, this very path
so we shall remain
and we will remain
cuz indeed, we are the same

*feeling rough
feeling tough
God help me
to You belong all mercy*

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