Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ramadhan is Coming. Be happy ^_^

Petikan khutbah Ust Nouman Ali Khan;

Dalam ayat di atas, Allah sebut tentang puasa, kemudian Allah tegaskan bahawa Dia inginkan kemudahan bagi kita. Apa kaitannya?

"He doesn't enjoy putting you through pain. He doesn't want difficulty for you."
"Allah makes specialty for you in this month."
"Allah puts us through a little bit of difficulty, in return of enjoying closeness to Him"
"These small difficulties will prepare us to go through this life, so that we don't have to face real hardship of the akhirah. we will have ease on judgement day, cuz our sins have been forgiven."

Nampak tak betapa rahmatnya Allah?

I am sure Allah swt is happy to see His servants' running towards Him with happiness that beams from their faces. Are we this much happy and excited? :)

this is going to be a special month for us.
so make it special for ourselves & our family.

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