Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Simple yet Always Forgotten

Sometimes we forget how powerful simple words are.
That's why our tongue and hearts should be constant of dzikrullah.

Sometimes we forget to make du'a.
And the fact that HE is Al-Samee' Al-'Aleem (All Listening, All Knowing).
Visualize good things, learn not to sweat small stuffs.
There surely are many tactics and strategies.
wa inna sa'yakum lasyatta. 

Bila kita bersikap positif, insyaAllah responNya pada kita juga positif.
Let's also not forget the power of Al-'Amal Al-Saalih.
Be consistent of it. Ihfazillah, yahfazuka.

Last but not least,

Don't be distracted from our missions.
May Allah keep us on purpose.