Friday, 15 July 2011

Our Prophet p.b.u.h

Poin-poin dari khutbah Jumaat [150711]
-Br. Tawfiq Chowdry @IIUM Masjid:

1st Round of Khutbah
  • We are different people, coming from different race, different nationality, different background, different country, different address... But, all of us will have the same two ending: it's either Jannah or Jahannam. Khalas. Your name is either for the people of Jannah, or for the people of Jahannam. That's it. There's no middle path..

    • The pond of Al-Kauthar: it's water is sweeter than honey, cooler than ice. This is the place where we will meet our key to jannah. He is al-habib Muhammad SAW. Rasulullah is our door and key to Jannah. So why should we not talk about him? He is the person who is being described so amazingly by Allah in the Qur'an.. He said in the hadith: "every prophet has his du'a. My du'a is that my ummah will be the first to enter Jannah!" My brothers and sisters, tell me: why should we not love this man? Let me tell you how the companion showed it: a women, having her husband & sons killed in the battle; when she saw Rasulullah SAW immediately says "As long as Rasululullah is alive, it's okay (nothing else matters to me)". And 'Umar, who is known for his harsh character and strong voice to others, when he talked to the Prophet, would soften and lower his voice out of adab, ihtiram, hubb, and pure love for him; until the Prophet had to say: ya 'umar, irfa' sawtak (rise your voice ya 'Umar). 

      • A tree, which was left after the Prophet has a pulpit to stand during khutbah, weeped out so loud and only stopped after the Prophet touched it. If a being, which has no soul, and is not even a mukallaf (someone entrusted with responsibilities), could cry that hard from the missing of the Prophet, then how is it possible for us not to shed a tear in the mention of Rasulullah SAW? The eyes of the ulama' of hadith would be filled with tears when they reach the part of sanad which says: "qala Rasulullahi sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam". So do not be afraid to cry for the sake of Allah. It is 'ibadah! A sahabi used to ask other sahabah who cried: "What is it that make you cry so that I may cry. If i am not able to cry I will try to make myself cry (atabaka)" 

        • Your imam is Rasulullah SAW, not others. He is your door and your key to Jannah. So defend him (be qudwah, not fitnah to his teachings, make prayers for him); for by Allah, if you have not defended him, you have not defended your key.

        2nd Round of Khutbah

        So, how to love the Prophet SAW?
        1. By loving Allah, you will love His messenger
        2. Read Qur'an in abundance (a LOT!)
        3. Read about the Prophet: His giving, his mercy, his kindness, his examplary characters
        4. Make du'a for him: When is it the last time that you raise you hand and pray especially for him?
        5. Increase your salutation to him every single day. Make it a habit.
        6. Love the people that he loves. Love his family and ALL of his companions.
        7. Show your love with the action of deeds that you have: Practice his sunnah. "If the Prophet did it (something), then I should do it!"
        8. Defend him with all that you could. 

          ya Rabb, let us meet this man, 
          Your beloved, in his pond of Al-Kauthar!

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