Thursday, 21 June 2012

Action vs Mere Speech

Mode: Islah Nafsak, wad'u Ghairak (Perbaiki dirimu, dan serulah org lain)
*Tazkirah ringkas, dicopy-paste dr facebook;

"Kalau dai'e tinggalkn solat sunat rawatib, madu'nya pasti ada yang meninggalkan solat jemaah, dan masyarakat luar pasti ada yang meninggalkan solat (quoted)
sedang futur? sedang lalai?
ingatla umat yg sedang tenat!!"
-Fathi Nabila @fb.

"Remember it is your manners the children emulate the most. If you give up salaah easily only because you are too sleepy to get up for it, your children will do the same. If they find you watching filth on the TV, soon enough you will find them watching it too. Train yourself before you train them." -Muslim Heroes' fb page

-Shared from Hatice's fb

.:. Sebab itu bertindak, lebih penting drpd bercakap .:.

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