Saturday, 10 August 2013

little girl's prayer

"Islam will not make me cry like this"
And so she prays a silent prayer.
With head down, tears in the eyes and heart filled with hope.

Those who trust in Allah will not be neglected.
Their hands will not be raised up to be turned down empty.
Never look down upon Allah's power to answer your du'as

And behold - comes the answer
Allah will give something back - well most of the times, 
something better than what you have been asking for. in your entire life.

Truly, pengalaman mematangkan.
There'd be nothing that ever happen in life, that I regret.
And now it feels like my search has end and i have found it.
So now is also the perfect time to fly higher, and to run for Jannah.

Time to pursue more dreams

Allah, here I come.

with my heart, whenever walking and distance fail me.

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