Monday, 5 December 2011

Patience I

Patience - a never-ending topic.
So long as humanity exists, this strong word will never stop recurring.
We, people, we learn it everyday. And we do swallow the result of its lacking for yet so many times.

One sheikh came to UIA discussing this topic, and I do find it addictive; for the more I listen to it, the more I wish to have a bigger dose of patience; or at least an amount enough to buy me a small room in jannah *wink..

So many type of patience out there, lets just talk about one for now: 'being patient on not getting what we want' *even when we think we so deserve it? naah..

Let's put an example for this:
A mujahid went out for many battles, his only aim was fi sabilillah. He worked really hard on preparations and when the war started, went really far and sooo very close to the enemies; cuz he had wanted syahadah. At the end of the day, his army won the battle and he had to go home without being a syahid. The same thing happened in the next battle. And the next battle. And yet another battles. And as he grew old, his army kept on winning wars after war. And at the end of the day, he didn't get the syahadah anyway. He died on his death bed. Now what is wrong here? Wasn't he sincere, didn't he tried all his best? Didn't he give all he had? -In this case we can just say to this mujahid, be patient akhi. Just be patient. And be contented with Allah's reward for your patience.

Such is such. Not all the things we want, we can get. And at the end of all story, Allah knows best. Just be patient, will you, O servant of Allah.... :-)

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