Sunday, 2 October 2011

of a convocation robe

I didn't know how would it feels like at first but anyway,- There's a convocation robe in our house! Wheee, alhamdulillah! Tho it is not of my own, still, it throws about some kind of excitement. I feel happy for my beloved sister & other lovely akhawat, I would like to take lots of pictures on their historical moments. I'd like to congratulate them, and dream of... just being like them one day :)

Truly, the mere sight of the convo robe in this house brings in many thoughts in me;
Firstly, it reminds me of the very night when I got to know an ukht who -as told by another ukht- has graduated twice for degree, and Master, and is now pursuing her Ph.D. The first thing that came to my mind was then, "my turn will come, my time will come, soooon inshallah!" ...but its not like we can be all sure and thus overwhelmed since: the robe also reminds me of Asy-Syahid Obeida who had graduated from IIUM, returned to Palestine, and was brutally killed during the month of Ramadhan, before he even had the chance to wear his convocation robe, and take his degree certificate back to his homeland. May Allah bless his soul, and be pleased with him, Ameen.

Thirdly, the robe also reminds me of the glory 'we' had once taste especially during the period of the Abbasid empire. How Muslims were -back then- the most literate. They were lines and lines of strong, renowned intelligents, brilliants, genius and celebrated scholars. How Baitul Hikmah was the like of Harvard, or Cambridge, or Yale, or even these three combined to the world at that time. How we were proud, and held in high esteem. And by reflection, I think -although we are not currently at that very stage right now- still, this ummah would be happy, and its wound less agitating, everytime it witnesses just another muslim student, walking out from the creed of knowledge, and vow, and work, and strive, for its betterment, just to revive its lost honor and dignity.

O Allah, verily, these people have studied to uplift your religion by the means of 'ilm, education and knowledge. O Allah, so be with them, and bless their future undertaking. Make their 'ilm a benefit for this ummah, and for all of mankind.

Dear students of 'ilm, dear graduates, the end of a degree pursuit only means harder works and responsibilities. Makanya, moga tabah hati tak berbelah bagi :)

Enough said. Sebenarnya sepanjang-panjang post ini, tujuan utamanya ialah utk ucapkan:

To all IIUM Graduates!
Especially utk yg berjuang demi kedua2 Ijazah+Risalah,
Well done..You are the best ^__^ 
Selamat berkonvo dgn penuh rasa kesyukuran.
"Ummah menantimu!" -k.MJ 

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