Wednesday, 14 September 2011

of dars

Mulakkhas of today's Dars: If there's a gift, the BEST gift that Allah is going to give us, that is the QUR'AN. The essential of everything is in the Qur'an. Being close to this Book will help us in this dunya and akhirah. With Qur'an, we may become the richest & the happiest person alive; and that is because we have this Jannah in our hearts*. So never give excuses between us and the Qur'an. We might think that we don't have enough time for it but actually, we never will have enough time - it is up for us to MAKE some time & initiative!

*Those who have jannah in their hearts will never care what other people says about them, or do towards them. When the Qur'an is in the heart, it becomes calm (mutma-inn), strong, and unshakable. Ala bidzikrillahi tatma-innul quluub?

p/s: By Allah, the journey of memorizing Qur'an is totally good and refreshing for the soul. So if we have ever given up memorizing Qur'an, this is the time to give ourselves a second chance. Because if it's not now, then WHEN? when, ya syabab? 

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