Wednesday, 3 August 2011

the Ramadhan Poem

The clouds of heedlessness! Disperse from over the hearts.
The suns of piety and faith! Rise for this new day.
The pages wherein are recorded the deeds of the Fasting people! Elevate yourselves.
The hearts of the fasters! Be filled with humility.
The feet of those exerting themselves strenuously in their devotions! Prostrate to your Lord and bow in humility to Him.
The eyes of those passing the night in prayer! Do not sleep.
The sins of the penitent! Do not return.
The earth of the soul's vain inclinations! Absorb your water.
The sky of the elevated souls! Hold back your rain.
The lightning of longing for the Divine! Shine for the lovers of God.
The intimate thoughts of the Gnostics! Graze in the pastures of Godly bliss.
The aspirations of all who love other than God! May you find no contentment with your imperfect beloved.
Junayd! Be overjoyed.
Shibli! Come quickly.
Rabi'a! Listen carefully.

*5 stars, and I wonder who is Shibli

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